How To Keep Your Succulent Alive:

I'm going to break this down into the most basic things your succulent needs to thrive. This information is taken from plant experts, follow this and your succulents should live a happy and healthy life!


Most succulents need a warm, arid climate and depend on good air circulation to breathe. This means keeping your succulent near a window will be best! If possible crack a window for your succulent or give it a nice day outside with some fresh air! Now, If you live in Buffalo.....we all know the weather never cooperates but just get it some sun (not too much, they will get sunburn) and some air.


A little water doesn't mean no water!

Don't Over-water! This is the main reason your succulent will die/rot. 

But maybe you don't over-water and you still find your succulent withering, and dying. Well, just because it's a succulent doesn't mean it doesn't need some water too. Succulents like it when soil approaches dry before being watered. If you feel your succulents soil and feel even the slightest moisture, it's probably fine- it'll suck up that water when it needs it. But if your soil feels very dry and crumbly it's time to water. Therefore,  check your soil about once a week and decide if you need to water it! When watering small pots, either use a spray bottle to give it some moisture, place a small ice cube and let it melt, or just pour a small amount of water into each side of the soil.


If you're buying a plant from me, you'll find each arrangement has river rocks placed below and around the succulent. This is for drainage! So, if you see water within the rocks, your succulent has enough water, wait for that water to evaporate before even thinking about adding more water. Rocks are a great way for plants to steal some nutrients and deposit the water they don't need!


Each succulent you receive is locally grown and uses organic soil. This means your succulent will have enough "food" in its soil for about a year. If you'd like, in about a year buy some cactus/succulent plant food as well as indoor plant food sticks that get pushed right into the soil- sold at Home Depot, Walmart, or a Nursery near you!