Why Indoor Plants Are Good For Your Mental Health:

Here's What You Didn't Know Your Indoor Plant Was Gonna Do For You!

Stress Be Gone

Spending time in natural settings helps speed up recovery from mental fatigue, slow down heart rate, reduce high blood pressure, and lower anxiety. It's just a fact! Therefore, you tiny plant will give you that boost you need! A great stress relief activity can also be the soothing act of caring for your plant; watering it, checking the state of the leaves/buds, and making sure your plant is alright!

Depression Symptoms Reduced

Researchers repeatedly report increases in subjects' mood, fewer incidents of depressive symptoms, as well as increased memory span and decreased symptoms of anxiety after a walk in nature, as compared to a walk through an urban environment. One Korean study of patients diagnosed with moderate to severe depression compared the effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) performed in a hospital to CBT performed in an arboretum with a forest-like setting. Symptoms of depression were most significantly reduced in the arboretum group, who also experienced 20% to 30% higher rates of complete remission when compared to a typically medicated group.

Higher Productivity & Improved Concentration in School/ Workplaces (Yes, This includes Your Quarantine Home Office)

Students and employees with a view of nature, either with indoor plants or right outside their windows, were not only found to be more productive but also more alert, more attentive, more relaxed, in better moods, and less irritated by physical symptoms of allergies and asthma than their counterparts who had no views of plant life or other natural settings. As well as nature walks, and even short visits to parks and woodlands within urban areas, have been found to boost creativity, mood, and sense of vitality.

Better Self Esteem/ Quality of Living

The improved psychological well-being of those who interact with nature has been shown in numerous studies to result in greater feelings of positivity and hopefulness, comfort and relaxation and general overall happiness and satisfaction with life. The researchers found several studies indicating improvements in self-esteem and mood in both men and women after exercising in natural environments, and especially in the presence of a body of water.

My Note To You:
Now, this isn't me tricking you into buying my product and I have no guarantee your new plant will improve your mental health but I can tell you from experience, one little plant can  make all the difference in the world. And if indoor plants aren't your thing, go outside, take a walk, go to the park, hug a tree! Please, take care of yourself. Your mental health is just as important, if not more important, as your physical health.